Thursday February 02, 2017

The APEC Women and the economy dashboard is a 2015 report, published by the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

The APEC Women and the Economy Dashboard is an initiative that seeks to provide a snapshot of the status of women in APEC. The Dashboard is comprised of almost 80 indicators for each APEC economy and the APEC region as a whole.

Those indicators are classified in 5 areas previously identified as priorities by the APEC Policy Partnership of Women and the Economy (PPWE):

1. Access to capital and assets
2. Access to markets
3. Skills, capacity-building and health
4. Leadership, voice and agency
5. Innovation and technology

(Source: APEC)

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Monday December 19, 2016

The Ottawa Resource Room is located in the Carleton University Library, on the 1st level. Ottawa is often a research topic for many different faculties at Carleton including geomatics, geography, environmental studies, engineering, architecture and history.

You can find books, government publications, atlases, maps and GIS / data, all pertaining to Ottawa.

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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Tuesday November 29, 2016

Agree with the opinion or not, but this post is more about the proposed plan and what the site looks like now.

The Ottawa Citizen posted both in this article.

(Source: Ottawa Citizen)

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