Thursday April 27, 2017

Reporters without borders for freedom of information has released their 2017 interactive map showing which countries ensure freedom of the press and which ones suppress the press.

Both Canada and the United States have gone down 2 points in the past year. The map offers a sypnosis related to a country's ranking on the press freedom index.

Canada's scores 22 out of 180 countries.  Reporters without borders indicates that press freedom in on the decline. While P.M. Trudeau advocates for press freedom and it is a right under the Charter, actions speak louder than words. In Quebec, it has come to light that several reporters were subject to surveillance by the police and this is just one example.

In the States, well, it isn't hard to figure out why. President Trump has declared war on the media and addresses any agency as fake news when they don't agree with his point of view.

(Source: Google Maps Mania)

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Wednesday April 05, 2017

During the month of April, the Maps, Data and Government Information Centre marks the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (April 9-12, 1917) with a display on the home front. Did you know during the First World War, Canadian men and women supported the war efforts at home through food rationing, purchasing war bonds and other funds as well as enlisting in the army? Explore the current selected fifteen books, including the interesting "War Breads"" as we continue our countdown to 150 Canadian government publications.

(Source: Madgic Staff)

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Friday February 10, 2017

The Constitutional challenge taking place in the United States over the immigration ban has taken over the news. You can read the Appeals Court decision that overruled reinstating the controversial executive order.

In other news, Kenya decided to close the world's largest refugee camp, Dadaab.

Last week, the Kenyan High Court determined that this order is unconstitutional. The decision to close the camp violated a refugee's right and and International conventions.

(Source: Humanosphere)

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