Thursday November 06, 2014

Unlocking commercial financing for clean energy in East Asia is a 2013 report, published by the World Bank.

It was written for government decision makers in middle and high-income countries, members of international financing communities, and practitioners.

In East Asia, all middle-income countries have national targets for energy efficiency and renewable energy, and some even have targets for carbon reduction. However, a major hurdle to achieving a sustainable energy path is mobilizing the required financing. Policy makers must determine how to unlock commercial financing to scale up clean energy investments.

(Source: World Bank)

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Wednesday October 22, 2014

Energizing green cities in Southeast Asia: applying sustainable urban energy and emissions planning is a 2013 report, published by the World Bank.
This report lays out a blueprint for transforming East Asia and Pacific (EAP) cities to global engines of green growth by choosing energy efficient solutions to their infrastructure needs. It urges national and municipal governments to reform institutions, build capacity, and strengthen energy planning and governance in order to mainstream energy efficiency on a citywide scale and introduce low-carbon policies in fast-growing cities in the EAP region which will define the region's energy future and its GHG footprint.

(Source: World Bank)

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Tuesday September 30, 2014

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada provides access to market information on specific agricultural sectors, such as bioproducts, crops, fish and seafood, red meat and livestock, and processed food and drink.

You can search by sector or by region (such as Canada, the U.S. and globally).

For example, if you wanted to search for market research on fish and seafood, select that category. You are then brought to links for the Canadian Industry. On the right side is a link to Market Research.

You can also search Foreign and Domestic market opportunities for market research.

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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