Tuesday August 23, 2016

Aid for trade 10 years on: keeping it effective is a 2015 document, published by the OECD.

Ten years after the 2005 WTO Ministerial Conference agreed on a mandate to operationalize aid for trade, this paper assesses the achievements and challenges of the WTO-led Initiative.

After outlining the achievements, the paper discusses where to put the emphasis, how to expand partnerships, how to enhance effectiveness; and most, importantly, how to retain interest in using aid to make trade work for the poor.

(Source: OECD)

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Monday August 15, 2016

The International Monetary Fund has revamped their data portal "IMF data: access to macroeconomics and financial data". Carleton students, staff and faculty, access this database through Carleton University Library's website. Scroll down to IMF ebrary - data.

Like any new interface, it takes some time to get used to.

Users can search for data by country, by indicator, by dataset, and through a search engine.

Under Data by Indicator, users can access key indicators in predefined data tables. For example, choose Consumer price, producer price and labour (source of data: International financial statistics).

The table includes every country and shows current prices. Only the first variable "consumer prices" is shown.

Under Controls, you can change your countries, increase the timeline and change the indicator via a drop down menu.

The portal also allows you to export your table.

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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