Wednesday December 07, 2016

Joint report on MDB Climate Finance is a 2014 report, published by the Asian Development Bank.

This report covers finance for mitigation, adaptation and projects with dual adaptation and migration benefits.

(Source: Asian Development Bank)

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Tuesday December 06, 2016

Sailing seas of plastic is a new interactive map, created by New Zealand-based data visualization firm Drumpark, showing the trillion of pieces of plastic garbage that look like islands in  the world's oceans.

Each white dot on the map represents 20 kig of plastics. This adds up to 593 million pounds of plastic floating on our oceans' surfaces.

From afar, it looks like giant floating landfills but zoom in and it tells a different story.

The information used for this map was taken from a new study "Plastic pollution in the world's oceans" by oceanographer Marcus Eriksen.

(Source: Beautiful Maps)

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Monday December 05, 2016

A student came by the MADGIC Research Help Desk earlier this month looking for primary sources related to the Carbon Tax that was implemented in B.C. in 2008.

She had lots of journal & newspaper articles, but her professor suggested she find some primary sources, in terms of government publications, to add to her paper.

1. There are two ways to find government sources easily: the library catalogue and the Google custom search engine.

In the catalogue, choose Advanced Search and limit your search to Government Documents. This will include both print documents and online resources.

2. Parliamentary, legislative documents (Hansard)

B.C. Debates:

House of Commons debates:

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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