Wednesday August 31, 2016

New to the Collection.

Publications on the Labour Force, produced by the European Union.

1. Combining the entry of young people in the labour market with the retention of older workers

2. Crowdsourcing on what are the new sources of ICT-enabled growth and jobs to take into consideration in the follow-up to the Digital Agenda fro Europe

3. Exploring new avenues for legislation for labour migration to the European Union

4. Quality report of the European Union: labour force survey

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Thursday August 25, 2016

Worker flows in the European Union during the Great Recession is a 2015 report by the European Union.

This working paper measures the contribution of worker flows across employment, unemployment and non-participation to the change in unemployment in 11 EU countries between 2006 and 2012.

(Source: EU)

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Monday August 01, 2016

According to a comprehensive new study, eight years after graduating with university bachelor degrees in 2005, males were earning $27,300 more on average than females who graduated with the same degrees.

Among college graduates, the earnings gap between women and men was almost as large, according to the analysis conducted by the Education Policy Research Initiative, a national research organizations based at the University of Ottawa.

The results also debunk the myth that some university programs have no real-world value and prepare students for little more than low paying jobs such as baristas.

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(Source: Ottawa Citizen)

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