Wednesday March 25, 2015

Helping displaced workers back into jobs after a natural disaster is a 2012 report, published by the OECD.

Large-scale natural disasters can have long-lasting effects on the labour market in afffected areas in addition to their humanitarian and economic cost. Mass evacuations and disruptions to housing, transport, social services and infrastructure can impede labour market participating.

Firms may need to lay off workers, permanently or temporarily, as they deal with physical damage and loss of customers. Even if employment levels return to their pre-disaster levels, the mix of jobs and workers may have changed, so that skills shortages coexist with relatively high unemployment rates. Governments have an important role to play in helping prevent unnecessary job losses, providing income support and re-employment assistance to displaced workers while they find new jobs and creating the environment to encourage job creation as the recovery takes hold.

This paper examines the labour market impact of recent natural disasters in six OECD countries, outlines labour market and income support policies implemented to help those affected and discusses the challenges of implementing such policies in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

(Source: OECD)

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Friday March 06, 2015

The EU in the world 2014 provides a statistical portrait of the European Union (EU) in relation to the rest of the world. It is available in both print format and electronic format.

It complements information found in the continuously updated online publication Europe in figures - Eurostat yearbook and in the Eurostat regional yearbook. It may be viewed as an introduction to European and international statistics and provides a starting point for those who wish to explore the wide range of data that are freely available from a variety of international organizations and on Eurostat's website.

(Source: European Union)

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Monday February 09, 2015

This interactive map "When Do Americans Leave for Work?" shows when people leave home for their jobs.

Data is taken from the American Community Survey and the rates are for people who are employed and over the age of 16 years.

(Source: Flowing Data)

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