Wednesday April 13, 2016

The European Union & the African Union: a statistical portrait, 2015 is a new report, published by the European Union.

This “statistical portrait” 2015 edition presents a broad comparison between the situation of the European Union, including EFTA members and Candidate countries, and the African Union, its member states and non-member states. The publication is jointly produced by Eurostat and the Statistics Division of the African Union Commission (AUSTAT) on the basis of data from both organisations.

With data up to and including the year 2014, this “portrait” includes various domains such as demography, health, education, national accounts, trade, and more. T

(Source: European Union)

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Wednesday March 30, 2016

Statistics Canada has released a new report "Education indicators in Canada: an international perspective, 2015", which offers education statistics for Canada and its provinces and territories.

It reports on specific aspects of the education system and places them in an international context.

(Source: Statistics Canada)

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Thursday December 03, 2015

New Nordic Master programme launched!

The best working example of the Nordic Council of Ministers' objective to boost the internationalisation of higher education in the Nordic region, Nordic Master, took another step forward on 19 May with the launch of its latest programme, Cold Climate Engineering, at DTU in Copenhagen. The launch was marked by a speech by the Danish Minister for Nordic Co-operation, Carsten Hansen.

The programme has been designed to specifically to focus on the growing interest in the Arctic. Its objective is to train engineers with specialist expertise in industries operation in extremely cold conditions.

A recent report was published that takes a look at removing obstacles for free movement for students and researchers in the Nordic region.

(Source: Nordic Council)

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