Monday January 23, 2017

Resources on Gender Statistics by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE):

Gender equality index & Gender statistics database

The Gender Equality Index assesses the impact of gender equality policies in the EU and by Member States over time. It is built around 6 key domains: work, money, knowledge, time, power and health. It also includes 2 satellite domains: Violence against women and Intersecting inequalities.

The Gender statistics database is a comprehensive portal for gender statistics and information on various aspects of (in)equality between men and women. Browse the database by theme, policy, EU strategies, and more.

Gender mainstreaming platform

Gender mainstreaming is a strategy to achieve equality between men and women. This portal provides information on specific strategies and goals, Good practices, EU approach, and more.

EIGE assists EU institutions and Member States in the collection, analysis and dissemination of objective, reliable and comparable information and data on equality between women and men.

(Source: EU)

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"Map of White Supremacy mob violence, 1835-1964" is an interactive map created by Monroe Work Today.

From the website:

In the century after the Civil War, as many as 5000 people of colour were murdered by mobs believing the cause of white supremacy.

On average, mobs killed 9 people per month during the 1890s.

The website includes news stories, photos and info about Monroe Nathan Work.

Read more at City Lab.

(Source: Google Maps Mania / Atlantic Cities)

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Friday January 20, 2017

Japanese company "The Kirin Brewery" has created this interactive map that consists entirely of Emojis, crowdsourced.

(Source: Google Maps Mania)

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