Thursday September 24, 2015

Please note: stereotype maps can include language or ideas that are offensive. Stereotype maps, in terms of academia, do have value in understanding our society, our culture and how others view the world, other countries, and other groups of people.

Huffington Post Comedy posted this map "How Donald Trump Sees the Globe", a delusional billionaire's perception of the world.

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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Wednesday September 23, 2015

Aboriginal food security in Northern Canada: an assessment of the states of knowledge is 2014 report, produced by the Council of Canadian Economies and prepared for the Government of Canada in response to a request from the Minister of Health.

Food insecurity presents a serious and growing challenge in Canada's northern and remote Aboriginal communities. In 2011, off-reserve Aboriginal households in Canada were about twice as likely as other Canadian households to be food insecure.

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(Source: Council of Canadian Academies)

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Friday August 07, 2015

Purgatory, USA shows the geography of Louisiana, the setting for the first season of True Detective.

This road map summarizes the events of the fictional show, as well as the route Rust and Marty took.

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(Source: Strange Maps)

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