Friday November 27, 2015

The settings of Shymalan is a story map created by Entertain Maps and shows the location of where each movie was set. For those who aren't familiar, M. Night Shymalan is a movie director, whose movies often include an unexpected twist.

Most of his movies are set in Shymalan's home state of Pennsylvania.

(Source: Entertain Maps)

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Friday November 20, 2015

How well do you know your geographically named rock bands?

Expedia's World of Music is a mapped based quiz with a difference. The object of the game is to identify the home locations of music artists with geographical based names. In the quiz you are played a series of songs by bands with geographical names. Your task is to click on the map to show where you think the band hails from (and not where their name might suggest).

(Source: Google Maps Mania)

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Tuesday November 17, 2015

Ten technologies which could change our lives: potential impacts and policy implications is a 2015 report, published by the European Parliament.

This study was undertaken in support of the Scientific Foresight Unit's ongoing work to develop a methodology for carrying out foresight studies within the European Parliament.

Ten different scientific and technological trends are investigated which reflect the interests of citizens, policy-makers and legislators drawn from across the European Union. A summary of each trend is provided followed which highlights procedural and legislative issues for policy-makers and legislators to consider when tackling policy-making in the EU in relation to each trend.

(Source: EUROPA)

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