Friday April 29, 2016 posted this map which shows who the worst person is by each state. Most of them are serial killers, naturally.

(Source: Maps on the Web)

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Thursday April 28, 2016

Quality of life in European Cities is a report based on a survey and published by the European Union (EU) in 2015.

For this survey more than 40,000 people were interviewed in 79 cities and in 4 greater cities, allowing comparisons with previous surveys. This survey has quite a unique focus on quality of life. People rated the quality of services such as education, cultural and sport facilities as well as public transport and administrative services.

People are also asked which mode of transport they use most frequently, whether they agree or disagree with statements on urban safety, air and noise pollution and whether migration is perceived as an asset.

 Some findings give a positive picture of our European cities and demonstrate improvements. For example, in Budapest and in Cracow, there has been an increase of 20% of those who have a positive perception of public transport in their city, compared to 2012.

(Source: EU)

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Tuesday April 26, 2016

New to the Collection: Government information related to Governance, published by the European Union.

1. A quest for accountability? EU and Member State inquiries into the CIA rendition and secret detention programme

2. Bringing foresight to decision-making: lessons for policy-making from selected non-European countries

3. Economic convergence of Central and Eastern European EU Member States over the last decade (2004-2014)

4. eGovernment: using technology to improve public services and democratic participation: in-depth analysis

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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