Friday September 30, 2016

In 2014, Collider posted the Liam Neeson kill map. It plots how many times in the movies, Liam Neeson (as his character) murdered another character.

The problem? It needs to be updated. Liam has participating in 10 movies since 2014 and 2 of them were Taken 2 and Taken 3, violent films.

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(Source: Strange Maps)

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Thursday September 29, 2016

EU eGovernment report 2015 is a new study on eGovernment services which shows users are still asked to fill out forms with information already available to the Administration in more than 1/2 the cases.

Online public services are found to be smart in Europe, but could still be smarter.

The 12th eGovernment Benchmark report is the 3rd edition of the measurement made according to the new eGovernment Benchmark Framework 2012-2015. This framework provides for the use of mystery shoppers, i.e. researchers that assess government websites and services by simulating citizen's journeys through them.
(Source: European Union

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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Journalism at risk: threats, challenges and perspectives is a 2015 report, published by the Council of Europe.

Is journalism under threat? The image of journalists, as helmeted war correspondents protected by bullet-proof vests and armed only with cameras and microphones, springs to mind. Physical threats are only the most visible dangers, however. Journalists and journalism itself are facing other threats such as censorship, political and economic pressure, intimidation, job insecurity and attacks on the protection of journalists' sources. Social media and digital photography mean that anyone can now publish information,  which  is also upsetting the ethics of journalism.

The Council of Europe has set up an online platform to improve protection of journalists and media professionals. The platform offers a systematic alert to Council of Europe bodies and institutions, enabling timely and coordinated action when necessary. It also helps the Organization identify trends and propose adequate policy responses in the field of media freedom.

(Source: Council of Europe)

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