Tuesday June 28, 2016

Understanding crowdfunding and its regulations: how can crowdfunding help ICT innovation is a 2016 report, published by the European Union.

This report offers an overview of crowdfunding using the current literature on the topic. It explains how crowdfunding campaigns and crowdfunding platforms function. It next explains how start-ups can benefit from crowdfunding: start-ups can gain access to finance not otherwise available; but crowdfunding can also lend legitimacy to projects and can help these projects access traditional financing.

(Source: EU)

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Friday May 27, 2016

Because it is just so summery here in Ottawa, I felt we deserved a 2nd Friday Fun.

Twitter posted this map of the U.S., looking at which states have the most people tweeting about ice cream and their favourite flavours.

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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Monday May 16, 2016

INCYDER (International Cyber Developments Review) is an interactive database made available by NATO CCD COE (NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence).

This interactive research tool focuses on the legal and policy documents adopted by international organisations active in cyber security. The collection of documents is periodically updated and supported by a comprehensive system of tags that enable filtering the content by specific sub-domains. INCYDER also features descriptions and news about these selected organisations.

Given the increasing number of regional and international organisations active in the domain of cyber security, it can be challenging to navigate through all the existing and recently adopted legal and policy documents. However, keeping an eye on this information is essential for anyone involved in cyber security, as all these developments feed into (inter)national organisations’ and other stakeholders’ planning, strategy and capability preparation. For the wider audience, they reflect the overall trends of and the different approaches to cyber security.

To facilitate the work of researchers, lawyers, policy-makers and other cyber security-related practitioners, NATO CCD COE’s International Cyber Developments Review (INCYDER) website brings together relevant cyber security documents from major international organisations. These include  non-binding instruments, such as declarations, recommendations, policies, and strategies as well as binding documents, such as conventions, directives and regulations. All documents are identified by tags that enable filtering by sub-domains.

(Source: NATO Cyber Defence Centre)

This item first appeared on the Madgical Web on March 28, 2016.

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