Tuesday March 22, 2016

According to a new edition of FAO's report "Crop Prospects and Food Situation", 34 countries, including 27 in Africa are currently in need of external assistance for food due to drought, flooding and civil unrest.

(Source: Humanosphere)

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Thursday February 25, 2016

Greening household behaviour: overview is a 2013 report by the OECD. It is also available online.

Annotation Developing growth strategies that promote greener lifestyles requires a good understanding of the factors that affect people's behaviour towards the environment. Recent OECD work based on periodic surveys of more than 10 000 households across a number of countries and areas represents a breakthrough by providing a common framework to collect unique empirical evidence for better policy design.

This publication presents a data overview of the most recent round of the survey implemented in five areas (energy, food, transport, waste, and water) and 11 countries: Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.The new survey confirms the importance of providing the right economic incentives for influencing our decisions. The findings indicate that "soft" measures such as labeling and public information campaigns also have a significant complementary role to play. Spurring desirable behaviour change requires a mix of these instruments.

(Source: OECD)

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Thursday February 04, 2016

Household food insecurity in Canada, 2013 takes a look at inadequate or insecure access to food among Canadians due to financial constraints.

The statistics show that food insecurity  is a significant social and health problem in Canada.

Some findings:

  • 1 in 6 children live in a home that does not have adequate food supply
  • Food insecurity was most prevalent in Northern Canada, especially Nunavut and the Maritimes
  • 1.4 million households have experienced food insecurity

(Source: Homeless Hub)

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