Tuesday April 08, 2014

Coping with water scarcity: an action framework for agriculture and food security is a 2012 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

In the 20th century, water use had increased at more than twice the rate of population growth, to the point that in many regions overall demand for water could no longer be satisfied.

Agriculture uses 70% of global freshwater withdrawals and is probably the sector where scarcity is most critical.

Under the joint pressure by population growth and changes in dietary habits, food consumption is increasing in most regions of the world and it is expected that by 2050 an additional 60% of food will be needed to satisfy global demand.

(Source: FAO)

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Tuesday April 01, 2014

In 1964, a young scientist, Murray Brown, at the Ontario Research Foundation, created a crop heat map, to assist farmers in choosing corn hybrids most suitable for their farm.

Up till then, it was a guessing game. If the farmer guessed wrong, all could be lost.

The map has recently been updated, to take into consideration changing temperatures.

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(Source: Ottawa Citizen)

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

The Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat) has a collection of publications called Pocketbooks. They offer a small scale set of basic figures on a variety of topics. Some of them are re-issued each year so that you can compare statistics over time. they are all available in electronic format, free of charge on their website.

Some of the recent titles are:

Energy, transport and environmental indicators, 2013

Pocketbook on Euro-Mediterranean statistics, 2013

Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics, 2013

(Source: Eurostat)

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