Tuesday April 17, 2012

 April 15, 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.  If one's Titanic addiction is not satisfied with the reshowing of the 1997 movie and all the television specials then there are some geography and geography-related tidbits out there to help quench the need for all things Titanic.

ESRI has created a map show the homes of all Titanic passengers.  The map shows their destination, class, whether or not they survived, and more.  Interestingly the passenger lists included rich Latin Americans, middle class Japanese, and poor Chinese as well as the well known and stereotypical Americans, British, and Irish.  Surprisingly there were two South Dakotans on the Titanic (which equals the total number of people from states which were part of the Confederacy).  Both South Dakotans were Norwegian, South Dakota has a large Norwegian population, in origin and were in third class.  (Hat tip:  Google Maps Mania)

Google Earth Blog has download links for the Titanic's wreckage on the ocean floor in Google Earth.
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(Source: Geographic Travel)
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