Thursday December 08, 2016

Measurement of poverty in OIC Member Countries is a 2015 publication, issued by Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Poverty is a complicated and multi-dimensional phenomenon that goes back beyond the monetary aspects. In fact, it is associated with poor economies, poor human resources, poor social services provision and poor policies to tackle the challenges facing human and socio-economic development.

Poverty also arises when people lack access to adequate civic amenities like education and health services. Therefore, the status, the determinants, and the policy measures required to eradicate poverty would by definition vary from one country to another.

(Source: OIC)

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Wednesday December 07, 2016

Joint report on MDB Climate Finance is a 2014 report, published by the Asian Development Bank.

This report covers finance for mitigation, adaptation and projects with dual adaptation and migration benefits.

(Source: Asian Development Bank)

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Monday December 05, 2016

A student came by the MADGIC Research Help Desk earlier this month looking for primary sources related to the Carbon Tax that was implemented in B.C. in 2008.

She had lots of journal & newspaper articles, but her professor suggested she find some primary sources, in terms of government publications, to add to her paper.

1. There are two ways to find government sources easily: the library catalogue and the Google custom search engine.

In the catalogue, choose Advanced Search and limit your search to Government Documents. This will include both print documents and online resources.

2. Parliamentary, legislative documents (Hansard)

B.C. Debates:

House of Commons debates:

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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