Wednesday October 07, 2015

Looking for air photos for your area?

Take a look at this handy Help Guide, created by MADGIC Staff, which will help you locate aerial images for your city. Unless otherwise stated, many of these resources can be used freely.

Some highlights:

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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Friday October 02, 2015

Want to learn how to overlay your scanned map, or digitized map, in Google Earth?

GIS Specialists from MADGIC, located on the 1st floor in the MacOdrum Library, have created this handy Help Guide to, well, help you through the process.

There are also instructions on georeferencing your map.

(Source: MADGIC Staff)

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Tuesday June 30, 2015

The Projection Wizard can help you decide which projection you should use for your mapping project.

The map projection guide allows you to select the extent of the map view you are working with by outlining the area on a Leaflet map. Once you've highlighted your area, you can choose a distortion property (Equal area, Conformal, Equidistant, Compromise).

The Wizard then gives you the best projections for your area.

(Source: Google Maps Mania)

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