Tuesday July 18, 2017

Strategic trade atlas: country-based views is a 2016 report by the European Union.

A Strategic Trade Atlas was developed to promote understanding of global trade flows of strategic goods, i.e., goods of military strategic value, including dual-use goods which can contribute to development of weapons of mass destruction.

This atlas provides macroscopic graphical representations of global trade flows classified under Harmonized System (HS) codes associated (by the World Customs Organization) with strategic commodities.

(Source: European Union)

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Monday July 17, 2017

This bilingual map, "North Circumpolar Region", produced by NRCan, shows the geography of the northern circumpolar region, north of 55 degrees, at a scale of 1:9,000,000.

It shows international boundaries, as well as provincial and territorial boundaries, and Canada's 200 nautical mile offshore exclusive economic zone.\

The map also displays National capital areas, cities, towns, and hamlets. Median sea ice extent, tree lines, undersea relief, land relief, the Magnetic North Pole, glaciers, ice fields and coastal ice shelves.

A copy of this map is up on display in the Map Collection, first floor of the Carleton University Library.

(Source: NRCan)
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Friday July 14, 2017

Artist Sarah Duggan of Nova Scotia drew this map "Wildflowers of Canada", to commemorate Canada's 150.

(Source:the Map Room)

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